8th March 2017



Car-sharing is when there is more than one occupant in a private car. We all share cars regularly, with our friends and family, without thinking about it. But there are often times when a driver has empty seats simply because they don’t know of anyone who needs a lift.

Sharing a car reduces the costs of travelling, undercuts the cost of nearly all forms of motorised transport, cuts congestion and pollution, reduces parking problems, and is a great way of networking and making new friends.

Fun fact: if half of UK motorists received a lift one day a week, congestion and pollution would be reduced by 10% and traffic jams by 20%!

Although it was written by the Northern Irish government, this website contains some great general information on the benefits of car sharing, along with tips and handy links.

Read on to find out about car sharing schemes in the St Andrews area…

St Andrews Liftshare

Liftshare enables organised car-sharing by connecting people travelling in the same direction so they can arrange to travel together and share the costs, whilst reducing congestion and pollution at the same time.

You have the choice to sign up as a University of St Andrews student or staff member and/or join the St Andrews Community group.

Sign up today! www.standrews.liftshare.com/

Check out the main website and take a look at their frequently asked questions to find out more!